A common misconception about roof leaks is that the source of the leak is somewhere near the spot where it is coming through the ceiling. In actuality, the source of the leak is actually nowhere near the area where water is dripping on the floor. Water sometimes travels a great distance between the time it leaks through the roof and finds its way through the ceiling. Most likely the source of the leak will be near a vent or the chimney rather than an area of uninterrupted shingles. So if you decide to get up on your roof to check for the leak, look in those areas first. Ultimately, the best way to find and repair the leak is to hire a roofing professional. They can find the source of the leak and give you an estimate for any necessary repairs.

Before you buy

When buying a home, one of the most important things you need to know about is the state of the roof. First you’ll want to know what roofing material was used. Different materials have different life expectancies. The steepness of the roof is also a factor as a steeper roof will not take as much damage during hailstorms and windstorms. It’s also important to see if there are trees that hang over the roof. You can be sure that falling debris will cause additional wear and tear on your roof.

While these may not be deal breakers when buying a home, it is still information that you will want to have before reaching a decision.

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