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July 23, 2013
 Summer the best time to inspect your roof

Summer is going by fast, and with it, the best time to do some roof inspection and maintenance. So if you know it’s been awhile since your roof has been inspected, it’s time to pull out your ladder and get on the roof. While roofing work is something best left to the professionals, a routine inspection and some basic maintenance is doable for the average homeowner if they know what to look for.

Work in the morning

Before even getting into what to look for during an inspection, it’s important to note the dangers of working in the heat of the day. Not only is working during the afternoon risky for your own health, but it can also do some damage to your roof. Very hot weather can make older shingles brittle and much easier to break as you are walking on them. Also, granules are more likely to rub off during the hot weather. So plan on getting up on your roof first thing in the morning when it’s cooler.

Some things to look for

One thing you want to watch for is places where leaves, branches, or other debris is accumulating. Most often this is in the rain gutters and the places where two different slopes meet. Accumulation of debris can lead to water retention and eventually mold and expensive roof damage. Another thing to look for is granule loss. They tend to collect in the rain gutters and on the ground beneath the downspouts. If your roof is still quite new, then an initial loss of some of the granules is typical. If your roof is older or if there has been a storm recently that could also explain granule loss. Finally, if you’ve had any roofing work done recently, there will be some granule loss.

Watch out for that tree

While trees with large leafy branches provide cool shade for humans during the summer, they are a real nuisance for roofs. Not only do their leaves accumulate on the roof, but if any branches are in contact with the roof, they can quickly wear out the shingles. If it’s a tree in your yard, trim it so that it isn’t in contact with your roof. If it’s your neighbor’s tree, take some pictures so that at the end of your inspection you can show your neighbor that he/she needs to have the tree trimmed.

As a final note, if you are unable or uncomfortable with performing an inspection like this on your roof, most reputable roofing companies will do an inspection for free.

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