Time for a new roof

September 23, 2013
 Time for a new roof

A good roof can last you decades. But every now and again the time comes to think about having a new roof installed. It can be a tough decision with so many options and things to think about. But if you do it right, it’s a decision you’ll only have to make two or three times in your life.

Choosing the materials

The first major choice you’ll need to make is what kind of roofing material to go with. There are a lot of different options and each has its own strengths and limitations. Asphalt is typically the go-to choice. It’s durable yet light weight, easy to install, and relatively inexpensive compared to other roofing materials. If you’re looking at asphalt shingles as a roofing choice, you need to be aware of the three different types of shingles.

The most common type of shingle is just your standard three-tab shingle that will last about 20 years. Chances are that’s what is currently on your roof. A second type is a twenty-five year three-tab shingle. Finally, there’s an architectural shingle that is laminated. The architectural shingle will give the roof a more textured look and can be made to look like other roofing materials.

A good way to determine what roofing material to go with is to look in your neighborhood. What roof is currently on your home and the homes around you? How have the roofs held up? If your roof has served you and your neighbors well, you can’t go wrong choosing the same material the second time around.

Choosing the contractor

Now that you’ve got the materials selected you’ll want to choose a good roofing contractor. Because your roof is such a long term investment you want to choose the right roofing contractor for the job. First off you’ll want a contractor that has a good reputation and a good warranty to back their work. Next you’ll want to make sure they have all the necessary documentation. Make sure they are a licensed roofer and have insurance to cover any damage to your home or any injury to any person the contractor employs.

Don’t settle for the first bid that you get. Try to get at least three bids and don’t just pick the cheapest because it’s the cheapest. Learn as much as you get about each contractor before you make a decision.

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