Fall rain gutter maintenance

November 04, 2013
 Fall rain gutter maintenance

With the fall season well underway, the trees are quickly shedding their leaves. They are troublesome for homeowners who have to worry about raking them up. What many homeowners forget is that the yard isn’t the only place they have to worry about when it comes to falling leaves. Many leaves end up on the roof and eventually in the rain gutters and downspouts. While leaves in the yard can be unsightly, leaves in the rain gutters can cost you thousands in damages. It’s crucial during this time of year to regularly inspect and clean out your rain gutters and down spouts, especially after a big storm with strong winds.

A thankless job

Many homeowners don’t realize how important a function their rain gutters serve. They just do their job and we tend not to think about it. It’s when the rain gutters become blocked and problems arise that homeowners begin to appreciate how important their rain gutters are.

Obviously, rain gutters are designed for draining water from your roof. When the rain runs down the slope of your roof, it all ends up in the rain gutters which carry it to the nearest downspout. There, the rainwater is deposited a little distance from the foundation of the home. The process is relatively simple unless it’s disrupted.

When rain gutters and downspouts become blocked, a number or serious problems can arise. With nowhere for the water to go, much of it becomes trapped on the roof. Pooling water on the roof can lead to shingle damage and roof leaks. The cost of roof repairs and interior water damage can quickly reach thousands of dollars.

Another serious and costly problem that can arise involves the homes foundation. When rain gutters back up during a heavy rain, the excess water drains over the sides of the roof and ends up right at the home’s foundation. The oversaturation of this area can cause the home’s foundation to become damaged. If the home has a basement, it can become flooded if rain water isn’t draining far enough away from the home.

Keep rain gutters clear

The simple way to avoid these issues is to simply keep your rain gutters and downspouts clear. You can get up on the roof yourself and clear out your rain gutters. Or if you are uncomfortable or unable to do it yourself, you can hire a reputable roofing company to clean your rain gutters for you. An experienced roofer can not only clean your gutters but also spot areas that need to be repaired.

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Source: http://www.abc57.com/news/local/Gutter-maintenance-important-especially-in-the-fall-230273591.html

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