Tips for Roof Maintenance

November 14, 2013
 Roof maintenance projects you never thought of

Your roof is arguably the most important feature of your home. It is the barrier between your home and the outside world. To make your roof last, you need to keep it well maintained. And it can be a lot of work. You’ve probably heard all the basics: conduct roof inspections, watch for leaks, mold, and damaged shingles. Other aspects of roof maintenance are overlooked however because they are less well known. Here’s a look at a few roof maintenance projects you may not have heard of.

Trim your trees

You might think, what does tree pruning have to do with roof maintenance? A lot actually. If you have trees that extend over any part of your roof, it’s a very expensive accident waiting to happen. Don’t wait for a big storm to take the tree down for you. Because tree trimming isn’t exactly a do-it-yourself type of job, hire a tree trimming company to remove any branches that hang precariously over your roof or have the tree removed altogether. Even small branches near your roof can cause serious problems. During strong winds the smallest of branches can do a lot of damage to your roof simply by scraping back and forth across it. Also, twigs and leaves can pile up and cause additional problems for your roof, which brings us to the next roof maintenance project.

Clear debris

Roofs have a funny way of accumulating debris. Whether it’s Frisbees or footballs, branches or leaves, they end up on your roof. And while it may seem harmless, it’s anything but. When debris accumulates on your roof, it can hinder water runoff. Rainwater becomes trapped on your roof and can cause damage to your shingles and flashing, eventually finding its way into your home. To avoid this, periodically clear your roof of debris, especially after big storms. If you’re uncomfortable on a ladder, a roofing company can do it for you.

Watch out for pests

Just as your roof offers you and your family protection from the elements, it can be a safe haven for many critters as well. Unfortunately, they return the favor by pecking and nibbling on your roof causing it to wear down faster than it should. It’s a good idea to periodically inspect for signs of animal habitation around the edges of your roof and in the attic. If you do observe any signs have pest control take a look.


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