Responsible Roofing

August 04, 2015
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Responsible Roofing

The most important part of building or remodeling a home is installing the roof, and making sure it looks good as well as serves its purpose in keeping you and your family safe.  Many homeowners forget underestimate the important of roofing decisions, because it is not one of the most exciting parts of building or remodeling a home.  The truth is, the design of your roof should be one of the first things you consider when designing the look of your home.  Here are a few tips for making sure you end up with the right roof for your home.

Choosing roofing materials

It might seem like choosing roofing materials is a simple task, but that could not be further from the truth.  The average roof is about 40% of the home’s appearance, and therefore holds the responsibility of looking perfect in every way.  Take a look at the homes surround yours to make sure that you choose colors or materials that are similar and blend well with the other homes.  You should also consider the natural features of your environment, and allow your roofing materials to blend into those features.  The more you know about how you want your roof to look the easier it will be to create that look.  

Hiring the right contractor

A lot goes into hiring the right roofing contractor.  Do not be so quick to choose the first contractor you meet.  Price is obviously a factor, but should not be the only factor for choosing a contractor, because you definitely pay for quality, and you want your roof to last the tests of time.  Interview several contractors, and Better Homes and Gardens recommends having a list of questions ready for each contractor regarding proof of liability insurance, workers’ compensation and other factors that could end up costing you money if they do not have these things.  A professional contractor should have a permanent place of business, a working phone number, a tax identification number and a business license for starters.  

Regularly maintaining your roof

After your roof is installed, it is your responsibility to make sure it functions properly by regularly maintaining it.  Inspect your home after every season change to check for cracking, curling or missing shingles that need to be replaced.  Look for any holes where unwanted pests or water can get into your home and cause a problem.  Keep your gutters cleaned out so water is not directed back onto the roof and causes leaking and flooding.  Roof maintenance is just as important as the rest of home maintenance, and should be taken seriously.  Roofing materials last a long time because of proper maintenance.  

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