Roof Maintenance Tips

August 12, 2015
 Roof Maintenance Tips

If you want your roof to last a lifetime, you have to maintain your roof on a regular basis.  Maintaining your roof is a lot more difficult than you would expect, but it can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in major repairs or roof replacements.  Here is some advice to make sure you are safe while maintaining your roof.  

Safety first

Maintaining a roof can be dangerous at times, especially if you do not know what you are doing, and you are not prepared with safety equipment.  First and foremost, never work on your roof alone.  If something goes wrong, and you are alone, the situation could be life threatening.  Make sure you tell whoever is at home with you when you will be working on the roof so they know where you are and know where to look for you if something bad happens.  Enlighten Me suggests that you always make sure your ladder is on a solid and level surface.  If you need to, dig holes into the ground to hold the bottom of the ladder in place.  Lastly, always wear a safety harness that is tied to something stable to prevent you from falling off the roof and severely injuring yourself.  

Looking for damage

You should check your roof for damage at least after every season change.  Avoid walking or climbing on the roof if it is wet, and instead use binoculars to check for damage and problem areas.  Look for shingles that are cracked, curling or lifting, and replace them as soon as possible.  Look for areas where pests and water might be able to get into the home and patch those areas before it is too late.  If you notice areas that are holding water or look darker than the rest of the roof because of water, find the source that is allowing the water to pool and take care of it before more damage is created.  Make sure your gutters are always cleaned out to prevent water from being directed onto the roof.  

Calling a contractor

Even if you are pretty handy when it comes to home repairs, there are times when a professional contractor needs to be brought in.  If you notice your ceiling turning brown or starting to sag, that is clear indication of a leak, and a contractor should take care of the problem to prevent other serious damage from happening.  Usually homeowners have warranties with their roofing contractors, and if you want those warranties to be valid, you should avoid taking care of repairs on your own, and allow the contractor to come check it out for you.  

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