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September 30, 2016
 Need a new roof? Be careful about who you hire to do the work

When John Plaff of Pasco, Florida paid John Iacovino, owner of Ike’s roofing, $8,800 for the roof he installed, he thought everything was squared away. What he didn’t know was that Iacovino never paid the roofing material supplier for the roof materials. As a result, Plaff ended up with a $3,700 lien against his home for the cost of the roof shingles. Plaff wasn’t the only one burned by Ike’s roofing. At least 15 other clients of Iacovino are seeking extortion charges against him and the Pasco Sheriff’s office says that approximately 70 properties have liens against them because Iacovino didn’t pay for the roofing materials. In total, Ike’s roofing owes about $150,000 for building materials to various suppliers in the area.

Iacovino is now behind bars but that does nothing for Plaff and other victims of Ike’s roofing who are not stuck with liens against their properties. Since this can happen to any unsuspecting homeowner, it’s important for people to be very careful about who they hire to do roofing work.

Get several estimates

One of the most important things homeowners can do is get multiple estimates for roofing work. If you only get one estimate and hire the first roofer who agrees to do the job, you have nothing to compare that roofer’s price to. If you get at least 3-4 estimates, then you can spot bids that seem especially low. In the case of Ike’s roofing, Iacovino could afford to bid low since he had no intentions of paying for roofing materials he was going to use. Automatically going with the lowest bid, especially when it’s significantly lower is risky since it’s often a sign that the roofer is cutting corners.

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