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October 24, 2016
 Four tips to remember when hiring a roofing contractor

There is a big discrepancy between the number of people who claim they can fix your roof, and the number of people who actually can. Roofing work is one thing you don’t want to leave to amateurs. For one, it can create more problems for solves. And even if an amateur does a halfway decent job, there’s a good job your manufacturer’s warranty for the shingles is now voided. So whether you need an entirely new roof or you just need a patch to get you through until next spring, here are four tips to remember when hiring a roofing contractor.

Roofing experience

There’s no substitute for roofing experience. Look for well-established roofing companies that have been in the business for at least several years. Keep in mind that experience installing one material doesn’t equal experience with all other roofing materials. Any roofer you’re considering should have lots of experience with the type of roof you have.

Free estimates

Most roofing contractors offer free estimates. Since it’s a good idea to get multiple estimates, you should ask prospective roofers first if they will charge for one. You should have no trouble getting a few estimates without spending a penny.

Roofer’s warranty

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with the roof shingles, many roofers offer their own separate warranty on their workmanship. So if you have problems with your roof down the road that aren’t due to defective shingles, the roofer might make repairs for free. You should ask about a roofer’s warranty when considering your options.


The best roofing companies are certified by roofing material manufacturers and belong to roofing associations. Manufacturers and memberships that sponsor a roofer are basically saying, “this roofer meets a certain high standard.”

If you are looking for a Spokane roofing company, make sure they are experienced, offer free estimates, warranty their services, and are certified.

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