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April 26, 2013

When Craig and Tanya Watkins of Dallas Texas decided to replace the roof on their home, they could never have imagined the headaches it would cause them. Now, two lawsuits later, they are still trying to resolve the issue.

How it all started

The Watkinses first met their contractor, Alkebulan through work he had done for Tanya Watkins’ title company. They decided to hire him as their contractor for their roof replacement. Alkebulan was able to produce proof of insurance and so the Watkins moved ahead with the roof replacement project.

What the Watkins didn’t know is that Alkebulan’s insurance didn’t cover roofing work. That wouldn’t have been too big of a problem if Alkebulan hadn’t failed to cover the roof with a tarp during the project. It rained three times and the water caused extensive damage to the Watkins’ home. Their ceiling caved in several locations damaging their den, children’s bedrooms, and children’s play room.

Ultimately the project was never finished and the Watkins refused to pay him the rest of what was owed for the project. This led to yet another lawsuit in which Tomahawk Restorations & Developmen named the Watkins and Alkebulan in a lawsuit for failure to pay over 42,000 in materials and labor.

The moral of the story

What can be learned from the unfortunate case of the Watkins is the importance of choosing the right contractor for your roof repair or roof replacement. Don’t settle for seeing the contractors insurance, make sure that the insurance covers roof work in the event there is damage to your roof during the project. Insure that the contractor is experienced and competent to do the work your roof needs.

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Source: http://www.dallasnews.com/news/local-news/20130423-dallas-county-da-wife-in-lawsuits-with-real-estate-agent-over-roof-replacement.ece

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